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Do you love your pair of expensive reading glasses or sunglasses? Has your lens popped out or your pair of eyeglasses moved out of its alignment? If any of the above or something else has occurred to your precious glasses, don’t worry our eyeglass repair experts at Matti’s Eyewear can fix it.


Who We Are

At Matti’s Eyewear in Brampton, we specialize in eye care – and, the glasses you wear on them! We are first and foremost specialists in eyeglass repair in Brampton offering only the best when it comes to repairing your designer eyeglasses. Our highly trained opticians are experts at working with numerous brands and styles of glasses.


Why Repair Your Eyeglasses?

Eyeglass Repair Brampton

Modern eyeglasses are made of lightweight and durable materials. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in this world and every item can break or get damaged. A pair of eyeglasses is not an exception. Imagine you are in a scenario when someone accidentally sits on your frame which you left on the sofa or they drop them while you are walking up the stairs. These awkward moments are unavoidable.

But of course, it does not mean that you go ahead and throw away your expensive frame because of a couple of broken or worn-out details. Broken frame that would have cost over $400 to replace, can cost less than $50 to fix in just minutes and still remain as it was before the damage.


Why choose our Eyeglasses Repair Service?

At Matti’s Eyewear, we deliver what we promise! We all know how much difficult some corrections can be but our highly trained staff use expert skill and professional equipment to restore your eyeglasses to their normal state. We can fix your broken frames in just minutes and save that favorite pair of eyeglasses that you thought were finished.

We specialize in a wide range of glasses restoration and correction services which we offer at an affordable cost. Whether you need eyeglass repair services, sunglasses repair, fashion eyewear, or children’s eyeglass repair services, we promise nothing but high quality and affordable service.


Repair Services We Offer:

  • Frame Repair & Realignment
  • Replacement Lenses
  • Arm Corrections
  • Nosepad Correction / Replacement
  • Bridge Restoration
  • And many more!


We have several years of experience in repairing hi-end brands like Guess, Safilo, Harley-Davidson, Vera Wang, Pro Design, Tura and much more. Whenever you are in need of high-quality eyewear repair service, Matti’s Eyewear will be there from start to finish.

We are a serious company that is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction in every project that we undertake. We have the latest state of the art equipment that are capable of repairing both plastic and metal eyeglass frames and parts.


Try our Eyeglass Repair Services

We know that eyeglass frames and lenses are expensive. Don’t throw away your defective, broken or damaged eyeglasses – let us fix them for you in minutes! Call us now to set up an appointment for glasses repair in Brampton.

Eyeglass Frame Repair in Brampton
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Eyeglass Frame Repair in Brampton
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We offer frame repair & realignment, replacement lenses, arm corrections, nosepad correction and replacement, bridge restoration, and more!