Mattiā€™s Brampton optometrist clinic specializes in serving the most unique eyes, ensuring that your prescription is correct, your lenses are accurate, and offering advice on how to adapt to changes in your vision.
At Matti's Eyewear, we're passionate about optometry. Come to our eye clinic, get your vision tested by our optometrists & get a brand new pair of frames all at our Brampton optical store.


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Since 1975, Matti’s Eyewear has been your Brampton Optometrist Clinic & Optical Store.
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At Matti’s, we’re dedicated to helping our each and every one of our patients see the world with perfect clarity. If you feel like your vision is fuzzy, or not as sharp as it should be – or if you’re just looking for a stylish new pair of frames, then get in touch with us today. Schedule an appointment with our eye clinic for a vision test and then pick out a brand new pair of frames in our optical store. If you’re looking for a new optometrist, come to Matti’s Eyewear in Brampton Ontario.



One of the benefits of getting your vision tested at the Queen Street Optometry eye clinic is that we come to know your eyes. This way, our optometrists can ensure your lenses always suit your eyes perfectly and adapt as your vision changes.

Eye Exams

Eye exam for prescription glasses

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Matti’s optometrists customize your lenses and frames to suit your needs! Our Brampton optometrist clinic specializes in strong and difficult prescriptions so you can be certain that your eyewear will always be accurate and comfortable.



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We are a full service optical store and eye clinic in Brampton offering vision testing, eyewear repairs, adjustments, unique optical equipment, a wide selection of fashionable frames and contact lenses.

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