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It is unfortunate that many people usually wait until they observe a degradation in their vision before they go to see their eye doctor. It is even more unfortunate that people often will not notice that there is a problem because poor vision can creep up on you gradually. That means that a person may not even experience any noticeable symptoms, which can lead to further vision degradation if left untreated.

It might even surprise you to learn that most people have not taken the time to have an eye exam performed in over two years. Those same people most likely do not realize that an annual eye exam can ultimately prevent them from losing their sight over the course of their lifetime. It is recommended that everyone goes in for an annual eye exam whether they feel that they need it or not.


We Perform Thorough Eye Examinations


Sometimes a simpler vision screening is used by some eye doctors, but it is important to understand that these screenings are not the same thing as getting a complete eye exam. It is commonly known that a screening is only a limited evaluation and it generally happens somewhere other than a certified eye doctor’s office. An eye exam is a preventive measure that can help to diagnose problems early on and it means that treatments will be better targeted and therefore more effective.

Some believe that they might be useful for some, but others do not believe that it will aid in detecting further problems with vision. It is highly recommended that a potential patient takes the time to schedule an appointment with an optometrist or even an ophthalmologist in order to have a more thorough review. It is critical to sit down with a specialist and to go over a complete history in order to better utilize the available diagnostic and treatment options.


The Eye Exam Process

It can help to understand what happens during an eye exam; which is that the doctor will check for any extraocular muscle inequity, vision syndromes, or any ongoing ocular conditions that may have a likelihood of presenting further problems if left unattended. The importance of maintaining and ensuring healthy vision cannot be understated. It’s just as important as an annual physical exam and can tell your eye doctor a lot about your general health.

A person should never wait until a billboard becomes unclear or they are unable to recognize someone that they should know in the grocery store. Take the time to be proactive and go in for an examination first, before it reaches that point. An eye exam also has the capacity to detect chronic conditions that could be far more serious including: the presence of a brain tumor, or high cholesterol levels.


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During an eye examination, the doctor looks at any extraocular muscle inequity, vision syndromes, or any ongoing ocular conditions that may have a likelihood of presenting further problems if left unattended.