About Us

Matti’s has been serving the Peel region with outstanding optical service since 1975

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Our Eye Specialists

Our optometrist, Matti, provides exceptional eye care whether you’re looking for a basic exam to correct your vision, or a health check-up for diabetic eyes, cataracts, or other issues.  Most importantly, an optometrist can detect an issue early on before it becomes problematic long term.


Matti’s expert eyewear stylists can help you pick beautiful frames for your new prescription eyeglasses.  Stylists can advise on glasses for practical use, such as blue blocker lenses for heavy computer users, or glasses for a trendy look based on face shape and personal preference.

Your prescription can be applied to our wide selection of brand name eyewear. We carry the most popular styles and brands.

Stylists can also help find the best contact lenses for your needs.  From dailies, weeklies, monthlies, colour contacts, and more, we know the choices can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help make the transition easy.


What makes Matti’s unique is our collection of children’s eyewear – we have the largest selection in the Peel region!

Even if you have a strong or difficult prescription, Matti’s specializes in serving the most unique eyes, ensuring that your prescription is correct, your lenses are accurate, and offering advice on how to adapt to prescription changes.

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