As a full service optical facility, Matti’s will provide you with an initial eye exam and offer many options to ensure your prescription is met with your eyes.



Eye Examinations

One of the benefits of getting your eyes tested at Matti’s is that we come to know your eyes. This way, we can make sure your prescription is always accurate and we can help you as you adapt to any prescription changes. We can then offer a choice of frames and/or contact lenses right in store.



Unique Prescriptions

We specialize in strong and difficult prescriptions so you can be certain that your lenses will always be accurate and comfortable.



Repairs & Servicing

All eyewear repairs and servicing are completed on site. Simply bring in your frames and we will make sure the repairs are done in a timely manner so you can get back to wearing your favourite pair of glasses. Remember to bring a back-up pair!


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